About SciShow Finds

*Due to the coronavirus, the fulfillment warehouse for SciShow Finds items is limiting staff. This means your order will ship slower than normal. They are also unable to ship to some countries at this time. You can view that list of countries here.*

SciShow is a YouTube channel. We make videos about science (space, psychology, biology, physics, etc.). The universe is fascinating and we love it. 

We also found ourselves with a problem. People would ask us what we want for Christmas and we'd be like, "I dunno, tacos?" But, of course, there are things we'd like... items that are emblematic of our love of the universe, or they're useful, or they help us understand the world. 

So we created SciShow Finds, a place where we could put up a very limited number of very cool things that we personally would love to get on our birthday, or on Christmas, or just to buy for ourselves. 

SciShow Finds stuff is distributed by DFTBA.com, a merch company for YouTubers. You can contact them at hello@dftba.com. 

The SciShow Finds store runs on Shopify, a publicly traded company that puts security first.