Mars Socks


The SciShow team designed and tested these socks to be a subtle, comfortable way to express your appreciation for the second-best planet in the solar system. And yes, we're aware that that's a somewhat controversial statement. Yeah, Saturn is very pretty with its rings and whatnot, but if you went there you would be immediately crushed by the pressure of hundreds of miles of atmosphere as you were sucked into the depths of the gas giant.

Anyway, we were talking about socks. 

We've been testing out socks for a while now, and the ones we settled on are these medium-thickness, cotton-blend socks. An excellent sock for the winter season. Soft, squishy, and durable, the ones we've been testing out have gone through two years of wear without trouble. 

Two sizes fit most: 
Size Medium fits women's shoe sizes 6 to 9.5.
Size Large fits men's shoe sizes 8 to 12.5.

Designed by Bill Mead.

Sock material: 80% Cotton, 18% Nylon, 2% Spandex

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