mberry Tablets (plus sour patch kids)


The miracle berry plant produces a compound (named "miraculin" when it was first isolated in 1968) that binds to the receptors in your mouth that are triggered by sugar to detect sweetness. Now, miraculin does not activate these receptors, but when it binds, it changes the receptor protein's shape, which allows it to be activated both by sugar and by acids.

These mberry tablets contain miraculin isolated from the berries of this plant. Suck on one of these tablets for a few minutes and suddenly lemons, limes, Sour Patch Kids (included), and even vinegar taste mind-blowingly sweet.

The effects of one of the tablets last up to an hour. So, do some science on yourself, and confirm that you are just a bunch of chemicals that can be tricked into perceiving the world differently!

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