Mystical Fire


It's likely that, at some point in your past, you dipped a metal loop into a solution and then held that solution over a bunsen burner to see what color flame would be produced. It's called a "flame test" and it's one way to determine what metal is in a solution. It turns out that, when burned, different metals and metal salts produce different colors when electrons jump around in their orbitals. A couple of nice things result from is certain kinds of spectroscopy that allow us to analyze the contents of stars millions of miles away. Another is that, when you throw these packets into a campfire, the fire goes from normal to out of this world trippy rainbow fire. It's all down to electrons in their orbitals, which you can explain to your friends while they freak out because the fire just turned blue. THE CHANDRIAN ARE COMING! 

Item comes with 12 packs of Mystical Fire. 

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