Space Shuttle Lapel Pin


From 1981 to 2011 (so, Hank's entire childhood) NASA launched re-usable shuttles into space. The unique aerodynamic and material needs of actually landing a craft on a runway that's falling from space resulted in a design born from necessity, yet somehow also extremely iconic and pleasing. 

The Space Shuttle program was responsible for a huge amount of amazing science, and a remarkable consistency of manned occupancy of outer space. To celebrate that program, as well as the hundreds of crewmembers and the 14 who died on Space Shuttle missions, I've been proudly sporting this pin for the last year.

We contacted the designer, Valerie Barr, who (OK, used to run social media for SciShow, so we knew them) was excited to work with us to do a limited re-print of these pins for SciShow Finds. 

The pin is 1.5" tall, hard enamel on copper metal with two butterfly clutch attachments to prevent rotating/moving. 

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