Story of Earth Book w/ letter from the author

It is so so so hard to just pick one science book every time, but I love forcing myself to pick. So I've picked, and I'm really excited about this one. Geology is, I think, often understood as the most boring science. It happens very slowly...and it happens with stuff that you literally walk over every day...just rocks and junk. But this is the book that opened my eyes to how dynamic, important, and mind-blowing modern geology is. And, at the end of it, you know SO MUCH about...the story of Earth. And that involves a lot more than just rocks. It turns out life has had a tremendous impact on the geology of the planet because it dramatically changed the composition of the atmosphere. And the atmosphere, it turns out, has a MASSIVE impact on geology. It's all connected y'all. 
In addition, we also reached out to Dr. Hazen and got him to write us a letter updating us on some of the most recent big shifts in geology since the publication of his book. Every purchase of this book includes a signed copy of that letter straight from the desk of the author. (Books have been lightly used.)
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