Voyager Cosmic Clock


Commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Voyager mission, this 24-hour clock (note...not a 12-hour clock!) displays the Voyager 1 Space Probe and the distances to known potentially habitable exoplanets within 24 light years of Earth. 

Additionally, this clock is part of a fundraising effort to build a telescope called the ExoLife Finder in the Atacama Desert. This very large telescope  is designed for detecting chemical fingerprints of planets' atmospheres and surfaces, which could tell us not only if exoplanets would be habitable for humans, but also potentially whether those planets currently house life as we understand it. 

Within months of the completion of the ELF telescope, the team believes they will know if Proxima b has carbon-based life on it. If you buy this clock, you are helping to fund that effort.

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